Welcome to 1000 tales, we want to help authors’ works stand out from the vast number available on Amazon, iBooks, Smashwords etc.

We want to do it in a beneficial, sensible, stylish, multi-platform way, that will actually give you value for money. There are free services that do similar things but we’ll explain why promises of a tweet or 10 per day, or a profile page where your work is obscured by Adsense ADs relating to everything but your books, isn’t a good deal. Yes we charge an annual fee of £18.99* (less than $30 U.S.A.), but we will give you AD free exposure, and a very select genre group to showcase your work in. Alongside this we’ll build an inclusive social media web to promote you, and importantly give you something more to tweet than the same Amazon link every hour, something that will kill your audience in a unsurprisingly short space of time.

See more details below…

No ADs

There’s a few sites that offer a supposed boost and spotlight on your work, but while they may be free, there are compromises to be made. Your content is surrounded by, and in some cases drowned out by, adverts to support the site. Because of cookies and AD tracking, your expensive and cool book cover imagery, along with tag lines and hook text, can be lost amongst lurid ADs for anything but your book. Some other sites also have suggestions for similar works, which can also be positioned in such a way that it distracts from the page contents. That and in-house ‘like’ or ‘share’ buttons above your content, which if sitting at zero makes visitors think it’s perhaps not worth while going any further.

Like buttons mightn't be a good idea

On 1000 Tales your work speaks for itself. Here you’ll get a clean, simple, and stylish showcase for your books, and your web presence. We’ll strive to pass visitors along to your social networks, website, or blog, to help you gain new readers and fans, by making it easy for visitors to find them and connect. See an example author/book page here

Mobile Ready

Apple recently announced that with the arrival of iOS 8, and iBooks being a stock app on the platform, they’ve gained 1 million new users of the book store per week. Some of that has to also be attributed to the new larger iPhones, especially the 5.5 inch iPhone 6 Plus. As readers move from paper books, to Kindles, iPads, and larger smartphones, promoting your work on those form factors is of paramount importance. You want readers to find your work easily, buy through, download and read. If they can’t see it properly, or find it on their mobile platform, you’ve fallen at the first hurdle.

Optimised for mobile


The difference between a site not optimised for mobile is startling for users. Navigation is unusable without a lot of pinching to zoom, and adverts clutter more than 50% of the screen. 1000 Tales is fully formatted to give a user friendly interface no matter the device it’s used on, phone, tablet, or desktop. We make it simple for visitors to find great books, your books, any time, from anywhere.

A select searchable showcase

One thousand books in each genre category sounds like a lot, but we feel it’s just the right balance to give your work the chance of being found; as opposed to the huge catalogues on the major book selling sites, and the similar problem on free advertising sites, looking to pack in as many users for Ad click potential as possible.

One thousand titles gives users a good selection of great reads to make their way through, an easy amount to physically find their way through thanks to our simple user interface, and it allows us to make proper use of social media to promote your work in a regular fashion, without having so much content that we’re posting so much material to our streams on any platform, that it’s is too fast to be readable.

Our site is also searchable by keyword, where some others are unbelievably not searchable at all. You will be able to choose the relevant terms to add to your book page to aide in discovering your tales, by simply giving a good description of your book. This allows you to stand out in ‘Sci-Fi’ by adding a few defining words about your story, e.g. steampunk, terraforming, artificial intelligence, etc. You may be thinking sites like GoodReads solve a lot of the issues 1000 Tales is seeking to improve for authors. While it does solve some of the design issues, it still carries ADs, links to your vital social profiles are on another page from your book, and dropping your book into ‘Sci-Fi’ on GR makes it one of 30,000+ others. Here, a searchable, physically manageable in terms of user interaction, showcase of 1000 is a better book shelf to place your title on.

We’re giving you content to promote

Joining us gives you another signpost to your work on the web. A unified point of contact for not just the books you want to promote, but any blog, or social media account you want to direct users to. We can tailor the address of your page to your needs with your showcase page registering as ‘www.onethousandtales.com/authors-name‘ or ‘www.onethousandtales.com/bookorseries-name‘ for SEO purposes. It will become a one stop shop pushing users to your existing purchase points, be they Amazon or iBooks, etc, and will drive fans to connect with you across Facebook, Twitter, Google+, where ever you want us to feature.

We could replace a dedicated website for you, and for just £18.99* (less than $30 U.S.A) per year, a very cost effective one. The finance we raise from members maintains our services, and will also be used to buy promotion on social networks to keep building our reach, to bring readers to your work.

At the very simplest level having a presence with us will give you another place to tweet or post about, as there’s nothing worse than an author’s social stream consisting of repetitive Amazon links. You’ll be able to add your presence here, and on our relevant Pinterest board, G+ and Facebook posts, and our Tweets, to your list of items to share.

Using Social Right

Plenty of services, both free, and those that start free but offer paid upgrades, tell you they’ll tweet your book to their 100,000 followers, but if you look a little deeper, the worth of that is pretty low for your $29.99 to $59.99 outlay. Have a look at their followers, a mix of authors hoping for exposure, author’s services, editing, cover art, small press publishers, hoping to be found, people offering paid review services, numerous ‘buy Twitter followers’ profiles, and lots of random folks, some dead accounts, and even some fetish profiles that don’t mention books as being their obsession of choice. Very few fans of books.

We understand social, it’s about connecting with people, real people. We’ll be following our author base and sharing your posts as often as possible, if you’ve a new book coming out, or have hit the big time, tell us and we’ll help spread the word, no bots, our team are real, coffee fuelled, and enjoy being social. We’ll be building lists of fans of the genres we have your books in, chatting to them, #FollowFriday-ing them and growing that hub of book lovers to promote our select libraries to. Isn’t that what social is all about, rather than dropping a tweet, or ten, into a fast moving stream of similar tweets, to an audience that either can’t see them because the stream moves too fast, or they aren’t actually interested in the first place.

We’re seeking to signpost readers to your content, not retain them for click through rates, or to make us look great with a suspiciously large follower numbers, but zero interaction. We’ll follow each featured author with our Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest profiles, and we’ll hope you’ll do the same with us; to build a social media web with content people will find useful and interactive.



Check out our How it works page to see how easy it is for readers to connect with you, and when you’re read to come join us, head for the Sign up page so we can get all the details about you and your work.


*Our £18.99 (less than $30 U.S.A.) membership cost is a special offer limited to 500 places, the regular cost will be £24.99 (approx $37 U.S.A.) Sign up now to enjoy the 25% discount while it lasts!

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