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Having a collection of stories in your head eventually reaches a crisis point, you begin to run out of space. Remembering to pick up milk on the way home is replaced by rapier wielding Victorian explorers, turning steampunk mechanisms against a horde of vampyres, in the cold misty back streets of London; or a race against time to bring engines on-line on a starship, before the rocky debris of shattered planet tears through the hull.

The time has come for me to let off some steam, release some of the ever increasing pressure on my skull, and set loose some of my deliriums upon the unsuspecting world. Hope you enjoy them!

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A new series of sci-fi and horror tales is coming in the form of The Astonishing Adventures. In a world where creatures of legend are real, and fantasy is fact, astonishing adventures abound! Follow Victorian gentleman, inventor, and master swordsman, Heracles Flint, as he and his team of 19th century knights battle the forces of darkness. Adventures that begin on the cobblestoned streets of late 1800s London, and race to distant worlds far into the future.

The first short story of the series is out now An Evening at the Palace ‘Almost midnight at Buckingham Palace, but sleep eludes Queen Victoria. Danger approaches, assassins have come for her, 50 foot tall clay assassins

More to come in the next 12 months with free short stories, ‘A Big Box of Death‘, ‘Mariners, Monsters, & Mechanical Men‘, ‘Spirit of the Samurai‘, and ‘The Last Child of Gaia‘. Also coming is the first novel in the ‘World’s End‘ trilogy ‘Forever in Shadow

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