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Hopefully our Why join us? and How it works pages will have you ready to showcase your books with us, on an Ad free, stylish, easy to use library, to help your work stand out from the crowd.

To sign up we need a few details to build your presence here, and your membership fee. Our £18.99 (less than $30 U.S.A.) is limited to 500 places, once they’re filled our regular cost will be £24.99 annually, so don’t miss out on that 25% discount!

We’ll list book profiles in the order we receive them and they will go live asap. We want to make an official launch/social media promotion of the site in June 2015 so you’ll want to be here for our first big splash. The site will be live and working from now so you can make use of it as soon as you are listed, and your annual membership will only start counting down as of the June launch date, so you’ll gain a couple of months in this first year as well.

What we need from authors

Simply copy and paste the text below into an email to us, and fill in the details needed to complete your profile here. We’re doing submissions this way, rather than a built in contact form, to allow you to attach pictures of your book covers to your email and save us a little bit of hassle with robot spam fiends.

A word from the author – Tell visitors a bit about yourself

What’s it all about? – Tell visitors about your books, and use terms that will help them discover you in search

Give us links to where visitors can buy your books –

Amazon –
iBooks –
B&N –
Kobo –
Smashwords –
Scribd –
yster –
Other –

Your social media links –

Your website/blog –
Facebook –
Twitter –
Google+ –
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Instagram –
Other –

Choose your web address on 1000 Tales –


You can attach up to 6 images to display on your profile of books covers or related imagery, and we also need 1 profile picture of you. Sizes of picture for the author is not crucial, but a Twitter standard 500×500 pixel would be ideal.

For book covers standard Kindle/iBooks sizes are fine, ideally all covers should be the same size to have them display correctly. Platforms such as iPad will showcase your covers superbly on 1000 Tales so make them good. Don’t worry if you don’t have six images to use, we’ll make your profile look the best with whatever you give us. Have a look at the live example page to see how images are used on your page

Send your email to


Any queries please don’t hesitate to drop us a line at




Membership Fee

Pay your membership fee below. £18.99 (less than $30 U.S.A.) is a special offer limited to the 500 places on the site, after that the regular cost will be £24.99 annually, so don’t miss out! We’ll match your payment to your submission details and get building your page on One Thousand Tales. We look forward to getting to know you and promoting your tales.








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