So how do you use 1000 Tales?

For Readers

As a reader, simply scroll down our home page and choose a category you’d like to read tales about, or click on our name in the nav bar for a category drop down.

When reaching let’s say ‘One thousand tales of tomorrow‘ our ‘Sci-Fi‘ themed books, you can scroll down the page to see fantastic covers, and the authors will have 160 characters to hook you. The category will be split into jump points marked at the top of the page as the numbers of titles increase, allowing you to investigate libraries of 100 books at a time.

Click on a genre collection

Scroll through the library or jump down in sections

Clicking on the book that has you intrigued takes you to the author’s main page, where you’ll find ‘A word from the author‘, details about their books, ‘What’s it all about?‘ and links to purchase their tale, as well as links to follow them on social media. We’re also working to add ‘kickstarter’ style promotional videos, so an author can share their enthusiasm for their stories. A few clicks from arriving at 1000 Tales and you’re off on a grand adventure, or learning something new.

Get to know the author

See books the author is offering

Learn a bit more about them

You'll find links to purchase platforms and social media

For Authors

Want to get listed, simply visit our sign up page for all the details on joining our three screen friendly showcase of great tales.

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